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Wedding Dress - Not just white

0 Comments Saturday 25 August 2018
Whilst many people expect to see brides walk down the aisle wearing white, most of the time what they see is not actually white but one of the many shades that appear white to the untrained eye. In fact, a bright white is not an easy color for most women to pull off as many skin tones are easily overpowered by stark color. Therefore, choosing a wedding dress in a near white shade would allow you to find a color the will bring your skin tone to life and show of its natural glow. Loré now has bridal gowns in a variety of shades and colors - read on to find out which skin tones they flatter most.

Bright White
The whitest white that you can find and fabrics made from this shade nearly glow which makes it unflattering to many skin tones. Usually this will suit only darker skin tones as the brightness can cause light skin tones to appear to lose color and makes this the hardest shade to wear.

Natural White / Silk White
Whilst a dess made from this shade may appear to be bright white in photographers, it is actually a shade off bright white due to the natural fibers of the material. In most cases the only way to see the difference between natural and bright whites is to lok at them next to each other. Being slightly softer this shade can flatter a lot more skin tones.

There are a variety of shades in the ivory family making this most suitable shade of white for many. Some ivories have a hint of yellow undertones giving the dress a creamy appearance, whilst others may have a pinker tint to them. The various shades of ivory are most suitable for fair to medium skin tones.

This shade of "white" will have slight gold or pink undertones. It is normally lighter in appearance than the drink it is named after, yet also close to the darkest shade of ivory. This shade is really flattering for olive skin tones, although other darker skin tones will also look beautiful.

There are many brides that go for a mostly "white" dress, but add touches of color with their accessories, like a sash or shoes. It is your wedding day after all and you should be free to wear any color that makes your heart happy.

Loré now offers a lovely variety of wedding dress shades, styles, shapes, fabrics and so much more. We strive to create a diverse collection combining luxurious metrials in a mixture of designs so that every women will be catered for. Everyone deserves to look and feel their most glamourous on their wedding day.