When should I buy my prom dress?

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When should I buy my prom dress?

0 Comments Monday 30 July 2018
Each year Prom season seems to start earlier and earlier. Prom Season 2017 is no exception with the majority of proms being held in June and July 2017, it's closer than you think. Loré will be shipping our latest styles to boutiques and other retailers from November, so the question really is "when is the best time to buy your prom dress?". To make it that little bit easier fo you, we have weighed up both the pros and cons.

Buying early (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, March)

  • A wide choice of collections, styles and colours.
  • Less alteration costs, as you can order the prom dress in your size.
  • Availability of seamstresses to make alterations.
  • More time to concentrate on your exams, and not be distrated by buying your prom dress.
  • The chance that someone in your school may buy the same prom dress later in the year.

Buying later (April, May, June)

  • You know what prom dresses your friends have, so you can make sure you don't clash.
  • Less choice, as June gets closer shops begin to run out of stock.
  • Availability of seamstresses to make alteartions (they get busier nearer to prom time)
  • Not being able to order the right size as we may not have stock left.
  • The possibility that your dream prom dress has already been sold to someone else.
  • The fact that you really should be revising for those exams.
As you can clearly see the truth is that the best time to buy your prom dress is earlier rather then later. So why not view our collection and then check your local retailer?